Easing Pain & Speed Up Recovery From Piles

Piles can be an extremely painful and uncomfortable and there are some things you can do to help ease the pain and speed up your recovery while taking your Suntab capsules. So follow our advice and tips that could help with your recovery from haemorrhoids, and of course be sure always to consult a Doctor about the best way to carry out the below advice.

Food To Avoid

Products that contain caffeine: like coffee, tea and chocolate. High amounts of caffeine can cause digestive problems and will severely irritate your piles because you will be passing lots of stools.

Dairy: Dairy can contribute to the production of gas in the body, so if you have extremely painful piles, lots of gas is going to make them even worse.

Spicy Food: Passing stools when you have eaten spicy foods can be painful when you don’t have piles, so imagine the pain and irritation it causes when you do. Avoid chillies as this will only inflame your condition.

Bakery Products: Bread and pastries can bung up your digestive system, leading to a difficulty passing stools. This is will cause straining which will inflame and cause more haemorrhoids.

Ways to Ease Pain

More Fibre

Eating more fibre can really help the digestive system and make it easier to pass stools which will help avoid straining, reducing the chances of inflaming your piles. Be aware to not eat too much fibre however as this will lead to your digestive system passing your foods through the body too quickly, which will make you go to the toilet more frequently.

Don’t Hang About

When you need to go, go! If your piles are very painful it can be easy to want to avoid going to the toilet to avoid the pain, however this can lead to constipation and a build-up which can cause internal piles. So make sure you don’t delay going to the toilet, because you will make things worse.


There’s been quite a lot of information about this recently, along with a very amusing viral video featuring a unicorn, talking about how the traditional position for using a toilet is not the best. Squatting, either with a lower toilet or a foot stool to place your feet up on, can improve your posture and make passing stools much easier, therefore relieving the stress on your piles.

Use Moist Toilet Paper or Baby Wipes

Lots of toilet paper can be very dry and irritate your condition when wiping. Using aloe vera toilet paper or even baby wipes can increase the comfort when wiping and help avoid inflammation.


Regular exercise can also help reduce piles pain, and your digestion too. Make sure you’re not too sedentary and that you move during the day.

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