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About Us

Suntabs is a team of five staff, based in Devon, UK, and ships internationally. We hope to have stock of our products available in retail shops soon.


Whilst travelling in Brazil in 1999, an international businessman from Vienna and a colleague were introduced to a local contact who had a good knowledge of native herbal healthcures. The colleague had suffered for many years with haemorrhoids (piles) and was at first sceptical that a preparation produced by a curandeiro (native healer) could help with this medical problem which is prevalent in most of the western world.

After four days in Boa Vista, however, taking the tea infusion made from a particular variety of sunflower plant, the colleague found the symptoms of his piles had subsided to a level of comfort he had not previously experienced from over the counter solutions in Europe.

The businessman purchased a small quantity of the tea, which he took back to Vienna and tried on friends who he knew suffered from piles. The results were startling – about 80% of his friends reported relief from pain. Encouraged by these results, he revisited Brazil and successfully completed a financial settlement with the curandeiro to secure the information on how to plant, grow, and harvest the sunflower plant.

Development – How We Came to Create Suntabs

He then contacted an old business colleague in the UK for advice on how to develop and market the sunflower tea. Further trials with the tea infusion proved successful. However, during scientific development meetings it became evident that a compound, made from a particular part of the sunflower plant, could possibly achieve better results when administered as a capsule rather than the tea infusion.

This is how Suntabs came about ... the company and product are the result of 10 years' continuous research and development to determine the most effective dosage of the product and also its efficacy in relieving the symptoms associated with piles.

The Ulster University trial covered the wide range of symptoms associated with piles,
28 recruits took part. Testing involved three different capsules, two with active ingredients, the third a placebo.

Reported improvements were registered in the following symptoms:


The most significant improvements were seen in bleeding and this was subsequently picked up by a leading colo-rectal surgeon in Exeter. Many of his patients undergoing endoscopies proved to have piles rather than bowel cancer or other more serious symptoms, and Suntabs could offer a less intrusive and more affordable way for the NHS to rule this out before proceeding to endoscopy.
We are now able to offer this remedy to everyone, to reduce symptoms and offer relief from piles.